Signat Forward brokers (SFB) is a foreign exchange deliverables broker.Our platform allows clients to make payments in order to fulfil their foreign exchange requirements. Customers are able to place orders electronically or by phone.All costs and commissions are clearly stated and not built into the rate as many other intermediaries.
Customers are able to monitor real time  trade confirmations, account positions and open orders.Customized email deal confirmations and voice confirmation is available on request.

As a financial services provider, Signat Forward Brokers is acutely aware of becoming just another ‘approved Vendor’ that just would like your business.

While it  is true that we need your business, we actively strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition by:

  • Knowing our clients goals, plans and ambitions.
  • Listening to challenges they face.
  • Contributing to our client’s long-term success by reaching ‘Trusted Partner’ status.

Service excellence is Signat Forward Broker’s operating ethos, be it customers, partners or any third party.

Our state of the art cloud trading technology will put your company on an equal footing with any commercial bank. Call us today for a demo at your premises or ours , setup a webinar. Our  closest station is Liverpool St.



Signat Forward Brokers is a company registered in England under registration number 7859751. HM Customs and Excise Money laundering regulation reg. 12666637. Registered office 2/8 Victoria Avenue Bishopsgate London EC2M 4NS.